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The full catalogue and the rules for borrowing books are listed below. Alternatively you can download the full catalogue as a Word File below.

Library Catalogue

July 2006

Rules for Borrowing books

1 Only members of the BCPSG may borrow from its Library. Books and other items are available to members residing anywhere in the world. However, restrictions may apply in the case of countries where the postal service is subject to interruption or disruption as a result of armed conflict, social strife, emergencies, etc., or where mail theft or loss are common because of poor security.

2 Requests for loans must be addressed to the Librarian in writing; requesters are asked to use the descriptions (title, author's name, etc.) found in the catalogue. The maximum number of items that a borrower can have at any one time is five.

3 Shipping costs in both directions are the responsibility of the borrower. BCPSG Library books are covered by insurance while in the mails between the United States and any country in the world, subject to the restrictions mentioned above. Borrowers will receive an invoice for the cost of shipping the books to them; a small surcharge will be added to help defray the cost of insurance. Payment may be by postal money order in U.S. dollars, by check (or bank money order) in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, or by U.S., Canadian, or U.K. bank notes (no coins). Books must be returned the same way as they were shipped to borrowers; in other words, books sent by registered mail must be returned by registered mail, etc. Books returned to the Library must be securely packaged to avoid damage in transit.
4 The following rules apply to books requested by members in the U.K.:
" insured value of up to $100: shipped by insured airmail parcel post (requiring the signature of the addressee upon delivery);
" insured value over $100: shipped by registered airmail or express mail (borrower's choice).

5 Loans are for a period of six weeks from the date of shipment. Extensions are possible but must be requested in writing before the date from which an extension is desired. Fines will be in effect for books not returned by the deadline.

6 Books and other items from the BCPSG Library must be treated with care. They must not be marked in any way and must be kept away from fluids, heat sources, and any other potential source of damage. The binding must not be bent more than 180 degrees. Damage to books beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed against the borrower responsible for the damage.

Donations to the BCPSG Library are gratefully accepted and tax-deductible to U.S. taxpayers.

British West Indies: General

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group. 16-page display at World Stamp Expo 90, Washington, D.C.; 16+ pp. Photocopy and slides.

British West Indies. Maps (14), all 8.5" x 11". Antigua (2), Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, and Virgin Islands. (2 copies)

British West Indies Historian, circa 1802 everyday life in the BWI." 22pp. From Modern and Authentic System of Universal Geography, compiled by George Alexander Cooke. (2 copies)

British West Indies Postmasters' Instructions 1848, 1850, 1851

Durnin, Stanley. "Lady Boats Ply Caribbean Routes." BCPJ article (1974), reprinted in The Seaposter, November-December 1989; 6pp.

Field, Francis J. British Commonwealth, Air Mail Digest 1-10. Sutton Coldfield, U.K.: Field, 1953; 46pp. Covers Bermuda, British Guiana, British Honduras, and Jamaica, as well as a few non-B WI countries.

Forbin, A.J. Catalogue de Timbres-Fiscaux (Revenue Stamp Catalogue). Photocopy of sections devoted to British Caribbean countries, 1855-1908, 14pp. Prepared by Charles E. Cwiakala, 1968. (2 copies)

Lockie, John M. Air Mails of the West Indies. BCPSG, 1964, 23pp. (3 copies)

Ludington, M.H., and Geoffrey R. Osborn. The Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and the Bahamas, 1842-1859. Robson Lowe, London, 1971, 26pp, 7 maps.

Lund, Gustav J. "United Fruit Company." The Seaposter, 1957, 4pp.

Maycock, Colin. "The Plantation Papers." The Philatelist, June 1962 to August 1965.

O'Loughlin, Carleen. Economic and Political Change in the Leeward and Windward Islands. Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1968, 260 pp. Non-philalelic. Study of economic development in countries fragmented into small communities of less than 100,000.

Ramkissoon, Reuben A. "Caribbean Connections: Story of British West Indian Airways-BWIA, 1940-1990." COMPEX 91 Directory, Chicago, 1991, 17pp.

Ritchie, Geoffrey G., ed. West Indian Civil Censorship Devices in World War II. Handbook no. 1, Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society, 1976, 82pp. Contains articles on Antigua, Barbados, British Guiana, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad, and Turks and Caicos Islands.

Ritchie, Geoffrey G., ed. West Indian Censorship Devices. Handbook no. 2. Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society, 1977, 102pp. Contains articles on Bahamas, Barbados (revised), Bermuda, British Guiana (revised), British Honduras, Cayman Islands (revised), French West Indies, Grenada (revised), Jamaica (revised), Leeward Islands, St. Lucia (revised), and St. Vincent.

Paquebot and ship mail markings of the British Caribbean area. Photocopied from M.A. Studd, Robson Lowe Ltd., 1953, 8pp. (2 copies)

Schnell, Charles. "United Fruit Company Markings." The Seaposter, 1943, 7pp.

Topaz, Robert. "The Past 25 Years," BCPJ, W/N 139 (June 1986), pp 37-39.

Western Stamp Collector, special issue on BCPSG, February 4, 1969; 17 pp. Photocopies of 13 short articles.

Western Philatelic Library; List of Tear Sheets - GB & Colonies, 1/2004

Westley, H.C. Early Postal History of the British West Indies and North America, 2nd edition. Postal History Society, U.K., 1972, 34pp+3. With a preface by Jeremy Greenwood and 3 leaves of illustrations. Selection of late 17th and early 18th century reports and official documents.

Auction Catalogs

Aguilar, E.F. (Kingston, Jamaica). BWI Mail Auction, 27 November 1961, 8pp, 126 lots.

B.W.I. Auctions (London, Dennis Mitton), nos. 1 (27 January 1984) to 21 (1 November 1988); many with p.r.

BWI Millennium Auction, 20 May 2000

Caribbean Philatelic Auctions (Harrogate, U.K., Malcolm Watts), sales nos. 38 (15 February 1984) to 84 (November '91).

Colby, Sylvester (New York). "The Philatelic Library of Earl McCracken." 1963, 28pp. Mainly non-BWI.

Hamilton, Michael. Village Postmarks, 21 March 1994

Harmer Rooke & Co. (New York). "British West Indies of T. Charlton Henry," 4-7 April 1961; 192pp; with p.r.
Harmer Rooke & Co. (New York). "British West Indies of T. Charlton Henry." final portion, 12-15 December 1961; 88pp; with p.r.

Harmer's of London. "Jamaica and British Commonwealth of G.W. Collett," 15-17 March 1965; 1965.

Harmer's of London. "British West Indies & Bermuda of Lawrence Kimball"; 1962, 44pp.

Harmer's of London. "British West Indies & BNA of M. L. Preetzmann-Aggerholm of Haiti"; 1963, 32pp.

Lowe, Robson (London). "British West Indies of Dr. H.R. Heathcote," 10 December 1968; 68pp.

Lowe, Robson (London). "Burrus British Empire," 29 November 1962; 52pp. Includes Barbados (180 lots), Cayman Islands (33), Tobago (19), Turks (10), Virgin Island (one large collection).

Lowe, Robson (London). "Burrus BNA" 2 April 1963

Lowe, Robson (London). "British Empire," 29 May 1963, 22pp. Includes Barbados, St. Vincent & Turks.

Maresch & Son (Toronto). "British West Indies of Ralph Hart," 15-16 February 1978; 130pp; with p.r.

Pennymead Philatelic Auctions (Knaresborough, U.K.; David Druett). ""British West Indies," nos. 12 (24 January 1985) to 42 (November '91).

Phillips & Neale (London). "The Barclays Collection," 28 May 1987. BWI and major section on Barbados.

Rich, Fred (New York). General auction; 9-11 May 1963; 84 + 30pp. Minor BWI items;

General Worldwide Publications

Arnell, J.C. "Samuel Cunard and Nova Scotia Gov't Vessels, Earl Bathurst & Chebucto." The Mariner's Mirror, 1969?, 12pp.

Baldwin, N.C. "British Turbo-Prop Aircraft, Commerative Covers Carried on Flights." Francis J Field Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, U.K., 1960s?, 14pp.

British Philatelic Federation, 1991 Yearbook, 183 pp

Dorn, J. Forged Stamps of All Countries. London, undated, 240pp.

Earee, Rev. R.B. Album Weeds, vols. III & IV. Acton, Austalia: Manuka-Ainslie Press, undated, 506+pp.

Field, John C.W. "The Unlucky Giant - Flugschiff DOX - 1929 to 1933." Sutton Coldfield, U.K.: Francis J. Field Ltd, 19??, 12pp.

Fraser, Colin, and Robson Lowe. The Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons, part 1, Great Britain and the
Empire to 1960. London: Christie's Robson Lowe, 1985, 120pp. Not exclusively BWI.

Hamilton, Patrick. The Empire on Stamps. London: Peter Davies, 1941); 223pp. Mainly non-BWI, but contains a BWI "Spanish Main" section. Indexed.

Heins, Rev. H.H. The Numeral Cancellations of the British Empire. London: Robson Lowe Ltd., 1958, 64pp.

Hamburg American Packet Company. Photocopies of various articles by Denwood Kelly, Robert Stone, Charles Cwiakala, etc., originally published in The American Philatelist, The Collectors Club Philatelist, The British Caribean Philatelic Journal, etc.; approx. 25pp

London International Stamp Exhibition, 9-16 July 1960. Exhibition catalogue. London: RPSL, 1960; 178pp.

Lowe, Robson. Prices Realized at Auction, 1961-1968. London: Robson Lowe Ltd., 1969; 92pp. Mainly non-BWI.

Melville, Frederick John. Phantom Philately. Two copies: Lucerne, Switzerland: Emile Bertrand, 19?0; 204pp.; and Worthington, Ohio: Janet van den Berg, 19??

Murray Payne; 1997 Commonwealth KG VI catalogue.

Philbrick, M.E. "The Post Office Packet Service From Falmouth." From History Around the Pal. Exeter, U.K.: University of Exeter, 1980; 26pp. Non-philatelic article in a historical journal, with a map of the bay around Falmouth and Flushing, England.

Philbrick, M.E. The Packet Captains (who lived in Flushing, U.K. near Falmouth, 1689-1815). Flushing, U.K.: self-published, 1982; 40pp. Non-philatelic.
Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal, miscellaneous issues from December 1890 to December 1893; 40pp. No apparent BWI subjects; these journals are badly damaged and cannot be mailed.

Stone, Robert G. Danish West Indies Mails. Volume I. DWI Study Unit, undated. Appendixes to Chapters II and III; 46pp and 47pp.

War Cover Club. Locations and Assignments, US. Army Post Offices, World War II and Later. Albany, N.Y.: War Cover Club, 1973; 102pp.


Belize Collector, The. Quarterly, edited by Peter Bylen and published by the Belize Philatelic Study Group; 1987-1992.

Bermuda Historical Quarterly. Winter 1972 issue, containing an article by C. Benbow and N. Snowden on "The Handling, Censoring and Distribution of Boer Prisoners' Mail, 1901-2"; 32pp.

Bermuda Historical Quarterly. Winter 1974 issue, containing an article entitled "Relationship of Turks and Caicos to Bermuda" and a "Report on Chief Monuments of the Turks & Caicos Islands"; 75pp.

British Caribbean Philatelic Journal. Quarterly, currently edited by Dr Everett L. Parker and published by the British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group; 1961,

British West Indian Philatelist. Quarterly, edited by Everard F. Aguilar, and published by the Jamaica Philatelic Society; 1949-1958; 36 issues.

B.W.I. Study Circle Bulletin. Quarterly, currently edited by Denis Charlesworth and published by the British West Indies Study Circle; 1954-2001.

B.W.I. Study Circle Bulletin. Index to Bulletins 1-100, compiled by E. Victor Toeg; 1987; 41pp. Arranged by island and subject.

Bulletin of the Philatelic Society of Trinidad & Tobago. Published six times a year 1960-87, quarterly from 1987, by the Philatelic Society of Trinidad & Tobago. Until issue no. 157 was titled: Trinidad Philatelic Society Bulletin. [Library run is reasonably complete from 1960 to 1978, with various issues to 1991]
Commonwealth Philately. Bimonthly, edited by Ryan G. Lorenz and published by the Commonwealth International Philatelic Society; May-June 1983 to March-April 1984. Some BWI articles.
George VI; Volumes 1/4 (1999) - 3/3 (2000)

Jamaican Philatelic Society; 86th Anniversary Issue, 42pp

St. Lucia Philatelist. Annual, edited and published by Robson Lowe; 1948-52; four issues. Trinidad Philatelic Review. Irregular, published by the Trinidad Philatelic Society; 1948 and 1951.
Stamp Lover; Volumes 85/3 - 97/4.

War Cover Bulletin. June 1970-June 1985 (almost complete), with a cumulative index for the period 1973 to 1978.

West Indies Stamps. Irregular, edited and published by Everard F. Aguilar; 1963-65, 8 issues.


Antigua, 1955 and 1956 Report. 1958. Non-philatelic, with articles on the visit of Princess Margaret, and a detailed map of the island, 10" x 8"; 60pp.

Toeg, E. Victor. "Antigua Traditional Exhibit, 1693 to 1946 Victory Issue Specimens"; 1980s?; 165pp. Photocopy, with an introduction and some early maps.


Baldwin, N.C. Bahamas: History of Air Mail Service 1919 to 1957. Sutton Coldfield, U.K.: Francis J. Field Ltd., undated [1950s?]; 4pp.

Gisburn, HGD. Postage Stamps and Postal History of the Bahamas; 144pp

Gosney, Harold G. and Gale J. Raymond. "Canadian Troops in the Bahamas in World War II." BCPSG, 1988; 4pp. Reprinted in the Canadian Military Mail Study Group Newsletter, no. 83 (September 1988).

Ludington, M.H. Bahamas: The Locally Overprinted Special Delivery Stamps of 1916-1917. London: Robson Lowe Ltd., 1966; 12pp. Reprinted from The Philatelist.
Ludington, M.H. and Gale J. Raymond. Bahamas Islands: History and Catalogue of Handstamps and Cancels, 1802-1967. London: Robson Lowe Ltd., 1968; 66pp; 5 map plates.
Ludington, M.H. Bahamas Early Mail Services and Postal Markings; 210pp

Raymond, Gale J. Bahamas Temporary Rubber Datestamps and Cancellations. Bahamas Postal History Society, 1960; 11 pp.


Baldwin, N.C. Barbados, History of Airmail Flights 1929 to 1957. Sutton Coldfield, U.K.: Francis Field Ltd, undated [1950s?]; 6pp.

Bayley, Herbert H. The Post Office in Barbados. Bridgetown, 1933; 73pp. Includes three pages of introduction and five appendixes. (2 copies)

Benwell, Basil B., and Leonard E Britnor. The Postal Markings of Barbados. Paper no. 2 & Supplement. British West Indies Study Circle, 1961-62; 29pp and 8pp. (2 copies)

Saunders, Frank R. Barbados: A Study of the King George VI Postal Issues. Study paper no. 12, King George VI Collectors Society, 1981; 93pp.

Shepherd, Anthony. The Postal Censorship in Barbados During the First and Second World Wars. British West Indies Study Circle, 1984; 33pp.

Stephenson, Charles A. Barbados: A Few Notes on the Watermarked Issues. London: Royal Philatelic Society, London, 1922?; 16pp; two plates. Reprinted from The London Philatelist.


Anon. Bermuda 1938-53, 2/- to 1; King George Collectors' Society 1973, 15pp.

Arch, B (Editor). Bermuda Registration labels; 1993, 24pp

Bushell, John J. Picturesque Bermuda Handbook, 1936 edition, photocopies of excerpts on the history of the island and postal information, along with maps of St. George and Hamilton; 40pp.

Ludington, M.H. Bermuda: The 1910-36 "Ship" Type Stamps. London: Junior Philatelic Society, 1955; 35pp.

Ludington, M.H. Bermuda: The Handstruck Stamps and Cancellations. London: Robson Lowe, 1956; 41pp. Photocopy.

Ludington, M.H. The Postal History and Postage Stamps of Bermuda. Lawrence, Mass.: Quarterman, 1978; 432pp.

Ludington, M.H. The Postal History of Blockade Running thru' Bermuda 1861-65, 45pp.

Ludington, M.H. and Michael R Rego. The Furness Line to Bermuda. Monograph no. 11, British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1991; 60pp.

Poole, Bertram W.H. The Postage Stamps of Bermuda. West End Philatelist Philatelic Handbook no. 7. London: Francis J. Field Ltd, 1911; 37pp. Photocopy.

Yendall, Eric P. King George Vl Key-Type High Values, Bermuda, Leeward Island & Nyasaland. Study paper no. 13. King George VI Collectors Society, 1983; 19pp.

British Guiana

Harmer's of London. British Guiana, W.A. Townsend collection (auction); 20 October 1969; 31pp.

Harmer's of New York. British Guiana, Dale Lichtenstein collection (auction); 17-18 February 1969; 77pp.

Khemraj V.V. British Guiana Postal History and Catalogue; 116pp

Rego, Michael R. Postal Registration in British Guiana. Handbook no. 4, Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society, 1981; 41pp.

Townsend, W.A. and F.G. Howe. The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Guiana. London: Royal Philatelic Society, London, 1970; 424pp; five color and 32 black & white illustrations; indexes.

Williams, L. Norman and Maurice Williams. The W. J. Webster Collection of Rare Stamps of British Guiana. Harmer, Rooke & Co, London, 1941; 29pp. Photocopy.

British Honduras - Belize

Addiss, Edward F. The "Town" Cancels of British Honduras, 1880-1973. Monograph no. 10, British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1990; 55pp.

Beckton, W. Doming. British Honduras: The Local Surcharges of January 1888. London: Royal Philatelic Society, London, undated; 16pp and five plates. Reprinted from The London Philatelist.

Belize Government. Belize Postal Service, Postal Guide and Rates, May 1980. Belize Philatelic Study Group, 1989; 20pp. Distributed with The Belize Collector.

Belize Government Information Service. Fact Sheet: Belize. Belize, 1987, 10pp. Non-philatelic, detailed map of Belize on the cover.

Bylen, Peter. "The Cayes of Belize Stamp Issues." COMPEX 87 Directory, 1987; 6pp.

Huber, Harry E. "British Honduras, 1858-1932." Photocopy of a serialized article from The Stamp Lover, 34pp.

King, Eric W. A Postal History of Belize. Belmopan, 1981; 58pp including 31 pages of illustrations.

Matheson, Ian. The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Honduras, 1767-1902. Belize Philatelic Study Group, 1989; 66pp.

Poole, Bertram W.H. Postage Stamps of British Honduras. Handbook no. 3. London: Stamp Collectors Fortnightly, 1910; 39pp.

Cayman Islands

Aguilar, Everard F. and Philip T. Saunders. The Cayman Islands: Their Postal History, Postage Stamps and Postmarks. 1962; lllpp, with one folded map.

Armstrong DB. The Cayman Islands, their Stamps and Post Offices; 23pp

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Honychurch, Lennox. The Dominica Story: A History of the Island. 1975; 112pp. Non-philatelic.

Poole, Bertram W.H. Dominica. Tunbridge Wells, U.K.: C. Baldwin, 1909; 26pp. [Damaged copy, cannot be mailed]


Falkland Islands

Strange, Ian J. The Falkland Islands. Harrisburg, Penn.: Stackpole Books, 1972; 256pp. Nonphilatelic, photos, index.



Bacon, Edward D and Francis H Napier. Grenada. London: Stanley Gibbons, 1902: 173pp, 9 plates.

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Harmer Rooke (London). Grenada: the H.R. Taylor collection (auction), 25 April 1963; 16pp, with p.r.

HMSO Annual Colonial Report - Grenada 1910; 15pp

Raymond, Gale J. Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury, 25 Oct 1983 - 7 Jun 1985. Houston, Texas: The Catamounts, 1988; 44pp. (2 copies)



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Anon. "Jamaica Exhibit"; 100pp approx (unbound).

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Jamaica Philatelist, The. Annual (1927-1950, 24 issues, plus 4 quarterly bulletins in 1941), edited by Astley Clerk and published by the Jamaica Philatelic Society.

Collett, G.W., W.B. Edwards, C.S. Morton, and L.C.C. Nicholson. Jamaica: Its Postal History, Postage Stamps and Postmarks. London: Stanley Gibbons, 1928; 256pp. Reprinted in the Postillion series. Authors also had assistance from Astley Clerk, H. Cooke, G. C. Gunter.

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(update) "Squared Circle Postmarks of Jamaica
Author: Lant, Reg & Bob Topaz, Publisher: BCPSG?. 19W, 1p

Lant, Reginald and Robert Topaz. "The squared circle postmarks of Jamaica." British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, ca. 1961; llpp.
"Addenda, corrections and late remarks." 1p. (2 copies)

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Morton, CS. The Jamaica Post Towns 1840-1875

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Nicholson, L.C.C. Pre-stamp Covers, Jamaica 1760-1860; 21pp.

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Leeward Islands

Farmer J.A.C. Leeward Islands Philately; 1988 11pp + plates

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St Kitts - Nevis

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St Lucia

Devaux R.J. Early Air Mails of St Lucia; 1993, 25pp

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St. Vincent

Harmers of London. St. Vincent specialized (auction), 23 November 1964; 27pp. Ishihhara, Minoru. Tice Stamps of St. Vincent, 1861-1881. 1975; 48pp. Text in Japanese.
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Trinidad and Tobago

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Turks Islands

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Supplement (written in collaboration with Thomas Charlton Henry). London: Stanley Gibbons, 1936; ' 12pp,: two plates. Photocopy.


Turks and Caicos Islands

Anon. Exhibit "Turks and Caicos"; 150pp approx.

Challis, John J. Turks Islands and Caicos Islands to 1950. Handbook no. 6, Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society, 1983; 118pp.

Virgin Islands
BVI Philatelic Society, Annual Philatelic Exhibition - First (1990), Second (1992), Fourth (1994) and Fifth (1995)
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